Prayer of St Francis, from Song of Hope

For SSATBB Chorus, unaccompanied

by Mark Lathan



A passionate setting of the well-known prayer.


Duration: 2:30.  Advanced level.


Cost: Free



First and second soprano: first line E-flat to A above the staff (first), first line E-flat to top space E-flat (second)

Alto:G below middle C to third line B-flat

Tenor: first space F to top line F-sharp

First and second bass: Second line B-flat to D above the staff (first), F below the staff to D above the staff (second)




Download "Prayer of St Francis"



Listen to audio recording of “Prayer of St Francis”

UCLA and Angeles Chorales, Donald Neuen conducting.

The performance in this recording is pitched one half-step higher than that of the score linked above.

“Prayer of St Francis” is taken from the cantata Song of Hope, where it is written in G-sharp minor. The stand-alone version available here is in G minor.




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